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24 October 2014 @ 12:24 am
So this is the quick tell of my crush right now. Cause I thought I'd write it down. A week ago on Wednesday I was working at blinker and it was a usual day of register. When I'm on register I tend to people watch. Not like it's not my job to make sure everyone's taken care of. I'm always watching people and more than likely ranking any guys that are good looking. But one guy he stared back to the point I was a bit flustered and felt shy or nervous. Any time I looked out to the crowd I'd feel like he was looking right back at me. He came back that same day again. Again when I looked at him he was looking back. I especially was polite in taking his order and prolonging him. He responded to me well enough still looking at me when I smiled and handed him his card.

Well the next morning I saw him at pages. He was looking at me again I swear! So I acknowledged him saying something like oh hey I saw you at blinker yesterday! He just said yeah and then I kinda felt nervous again and went back to the register then rang him up once his breakfast sandwich was done. Then he left and must have gone to the computers cause I saw him leave out the front some time later. This time he seemed like he waved. But I don't really know if it was towards me.

That Friday I was at blinker and went to pages after closing. I was sad that I didn't see him cause I figured i would. But I didn't see him all day and when I went to pages I was put in the back. An hour before I had to leave I saw him with his head phones on over in the chairs. He was studying away I think. I don't know if he ever saw me that day. But I saw him.

I didn't run into him again until Wednesday this week. I waved in the morning like a dork and then became so busy with work I couldn't talk to him. He did come back later but I still didn't get a chance. He sat way over in the corner barely visible to me from the cafe. If I looked between the rows I could see him. And I swear I saw him once purposely look up and over the seats at me.

I must be crazy right? I cheated and got his real Chinese name from his id but I was don't know how to pronounce it. I was dying to actually get a chance to talk to him. Well still am.

Today I was at pages for a bit and he came though. Before I could get to talk to him the attendant told me I could leave for blinker. I was upset. He was finally there and I had to leave! And we exchanged glances. I went to get my coat and fix up my makeup. Then dashed out to leave. As I walked by he turned, he faced me and I was already looking at him. I asked him what his name is. He said Rey? Rae? But it's really Rui? Idk how that works. But he asked if I was leaving. More like he knew cause he had overheard. And he asked if it was the hbc one which it was. He shook my hand which was a bit odd but it was fine for me. And then We said it was meeting each other and parted.

I didn't see him after. And I'm dying of curiosity. I also had some instances of low esteem but I'm trying to have a bit more confidence. I may have tested asking a stranger their name on purpose yesterday for the reason of maning up and being brave. I'm too shy. But then they say Asians are pretty shy.

I'd like to get his number really. Or add him to Facebook to be able to contact each other but I guess I have to be patient.