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05 November 2014 @ 08:07 pm
The day I forgot to post  
What day was it hmm?

Well I started the day at pages. As per usual. I saw him while we were busy sitting at the table with me at the register. Then when I looked again he was gone. Only to come back later on when I was supposed to go to blinker.

I didn't see him on my way out. He had left his stuff on the table. As I left I saw him standing on the stairs. Confused but passing him I asked what he was doing. We chatted briefly and he asked where I was going and if I was coming back. He said he'd see me later then.

I was happy that he was still gonna be there when I get back. He was certainly doing that on purpose.

Then I got to blinker for my hour cover shift and Michele says I have to go to new house. I was mad. I wanted to go back so I could get his number! I was preparing myself so well! I had asked Bri even about it and was feeling ready.

So I planned it out on how I could get back to pages to see him. I was going to go on my break. And I did. I followed through, walked in, didn't see him. Then I saw him with his headphones on in one of the chairs. So I walked up told him I had to go to another cafe and got his number. After the awkwardness of that I went and clocked out and headed on my way. As soon as I checked the phone he had text me with a face.

I was on a cloud. Proud and happy.

So I get a text among the texts that he wants to give me something. I was totally intrigued. What could he possibly wanna give me?

He met me after my work to give me a beautiful origami. And then he asked me out for korean food this weekend. That's just amazing to me. I'm excited